Daily Fat Intake Calculator

In the calculator below, select the gender of the person you want to calculate the fat requirement, activity level and target during the day, enter the height in centimeters, weight in kilograms and press the calculate button.

Below this page, you can also find the answers for frequently asked questions about this subject.
Daily Fat Intake Calculator
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What is fat?

It is one of the basic organic compounds in the structure of living things in the world. Another name is lipid.

What does fat do in the body?

It is one of the nutrients which are necessary for humans and animals and have high energy efficiency. The high energy efficiency of oils is due to the high carbon count. Since the energy yields are high, the extra nutrients taken into the body are converted into fat for storage in areas where movement is low (waist, abdomen, basin area). Since it is very difficult to digest, they use it as a second degree energy source in the body.

In addition, it provides the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and Vitamin K.

What is the need for fat?

For the above reasons, the body needs it on a daily basis. In addition, some types of polyunsaturated fats (such as omega-3) cannot be synthesized in the body, so they need to be imported. Omega-3 oils are of great importance in the fight against depression, attention deficit, fatigue and Alzheimer's disease.

What is saturated fat?

In such acids, all off-chain bonds of the carbons constituting the fatty acid chain are all bonded with hydrogen. Saturated fatty acids are synthesized in the human body. Even if not eaten, such acids can be synthesized from molecules formed by carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

In general, saturated fats found in animal foods increase cholesterol levels when taken too much, risk factors for heart disease, cancer and obesity.

What is unsaturated fat?

In such acids, one bond of one or more carbons is not hydrogen bonded. Unsaturated fats are the best sources of essential fatty acids that the body needs. They are liquid at room temperature and most of them are of vegetable origin.

What is trans fat?

They are formed by hydrogenation of liquid plant oils and are among the most dangerous oils. It increases the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body as well as lowers HDL (good cholesterol). It is also thought to increase the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer). Such foods should be avoided as much as possible.

How is the daily need calculated?

It will be ideal for the body to obtain 20% - 25% of the daily energy requirement from fats. Therefore, while calculating the daily need, a certain proportion of the energy need will be provided from the oils, so the calculation is made.

Does it help to lose weight?

With high fat, high protein and low carb intake, weight can be lost. However, anyone considering such diets should first consult a doctor or health care professional.

How many calories is 1 gram fat?

Each gram contains 9 calories of energy.